Non-exhaustive list of artificial objects that are currently orbiting the planet Venus. It is not precisely known whether some of them have already decayed or not.

Approx. number of artificial objects: 5
Approx. total mass: 10.5 tons

COSPAR IDname typemissionquantitymass (kg)statusdate/epoch (UTC)
1975-050A4V-1 No.660 (KTDU-425A)Venus orbiterVENERA 912283EOM, defunctMarch 26, 1976
1975-050APENNANTS?Commemorative itemsVENERA 9?-fixed to the orbiterMarch 26, 1976
1975-054A4V-1 No.661 (KTDU-425A)Venus orbiterVENERA 1012314EOM, defunct, Venus atmospheric entry?March 26, 1976
1975-054APENNANTS?Commemorative itemsVENERA 10?-fixed to the orbiterMarch 26, 1976
1983-053A4V-2 No.860 (KTDU-425A)Venus orbiterVENERA 1512807EOM, defunctJuly 10, 1984
1983-053APENNANTS?Commemorative itemsVENERA 151?-fixed to the orbiterJuly 10, 1984
1983-054A4V-2 No.861 (KTDU-425A)Venus orbiterVENERA 1612780EOM, defunctJuly 10, 1984
1983-054APENNANTS?Commemorative itemsVENERA 161?-fixed to the orbiterJuly 10, 1984
2010-020DAKATSUKI VENUS CLIMATE ORBITER (VCO, PLANET C)Venus orbiterAKATSUKI1320activeDecember 7, 2015