Non-exhaustive list of artificial objects that are travelling faster than the Sun’s escape velocity: they are on their way to leave the solar system.

Although both Voyager 1 and 2 have left the heliosphere to coast into interstellar space (in August 25, 2012 and November 5, 2018 respectively), they will physically leave the solar system after going past the Oort Cloud in several thousands of years. There are no means of tracking the spent stages and mission-related debris (e.g. de-spin weights) but they are probably on a similar trajectory.

Additionally, other objects will probably acquire enough kinetic energy to leave the Solar system after one or several close fly-bys of planets. For instance, the Ulysses Solar probe is thought to be slingshot out of heliocentric orbit during one of its next encounters with the Jovian system.

30 artificial objects have been identified.

COSPAR IDnametypemissionquantitymassstatusdate/epoch (UTC)
1972-012CSTAR-37E (TE-M-364-4)Booster (3rd stage)PIONEER 101discardedMarch 3, 1972
1972-012CYO-YO DE-SPIN MASS (STAR-37E)Cables w/ weightsPIONEER 102discardedMarch 3, 1972
1972-012APIONEER 10 (PIONEER F)Deep space probePIONEER 101EOM, defunctJanuary 23, 2003
1972-012APIONEER PLAQUE 1Commemorative itemsPIONEER 101fixed to the probeJanuary 23, 2003
1973-019AYO-YO DE-SPIN MASS (STAR-37E)Cables w/ weightsPIONEER 112discardedApril 6, 1973
1973-019APIONEER 11 (PIONEER G)Deep space probePIONEER 111EOM, defunctSeptember 3, 1995
1973-019APIONEER PLAQUE 2Commemorative itemsPIONEER 111fixed to the probeSeptember 3, 1995
1977-076CSTAR-37E (TE-M-364-4)Booster (4th stage)VOYAGER 21discardedAugust 20, 1977
1977-076AINFRARED INTERFEROMETER SPECTROMETER AND RADIOMETER (IRIS) DUST COVERSpacecraft instrument dust coverVOYAGER 21discarded, possibly in heliocentric orbitAugust 20, 1977
1977-076AVOYAGER 2Deep space probe VOYAGER 21activeAugust 20, 1977
1977-076AVOYAGER GOLDEN RECORD 1 + SMALL DACRON U.S. FLAGCommemorative itemsVOYAGER 21fixed to the probeAugust 20, 1977
1977-084CSTAR-37E (TE-M-364-4)Booster (4th stage)VOYAGER 11discardedSeptember 5, 1977
1977-084AINFRARED INTERFEROMETER SPECTROMETER AND RADIOMETER (IRIS) DUST COVERSpacecraft instrument dust coverVOYAGER 11discarded, possibly in heliocentric orbitSeptember 5, 1977
1977-084AVOYAGER 1Deep space probe VOYAGER 11activeSeptember 5, 1977
1977-084AVOYAGER GOLDEN RECORD 2 + SMALL DACRON U.S. FLAGCommemorative itemsVOYAGER 11fixed to the probeSeptember 5, 1977
2006-001CSTAR 48BBooster (3rd stage)NEW HORIZONS (NEW FRONTIERS 1)1discardedJanuary 19, 2006
2006-001CYO-YO DE-SPIN MASS (NEW HORIZONS)Cables w/ weightsNEW HORIZONS (NEW FRONTIERS 1)2discardedJanuary 19, 2006
2006-001ANEW HORIZONSDeep space probeNEW HORIZONS (NEW FRONTIERS 1)1activeJanuary 19, 2006
2006-001AMEMORIAL CAPSULE (CLYDE TOMBAUGH)Burial ashes space capsuleNEW HORIZONS (NEW FRONTIERS 1)1fixed to the probeJanuary 19, 2006
2006-001A2 CD-ROMS + FLORIDA & MARYLAND STATE QUARTERS + SPACESHIP ONE CARBON PIECE + 2 U.S. FLAGS + U.S. STAMPCommemorative itemsNEW HORIZONS (NEW FRONTIERS 1)8fixed to the probeJanuary 19, 2006