Man made objects returned to Earth

Non-exhaustive list of interplanetary artificial objects that were either intentionally brought back to Earth intact (e.g. Apollo Command Modules) or incinerated into the atmosphere at some point into their missions (e.g. Luna 3 came back down to Earth after its trip around the Moon). They are not in space anymore but are listed on this table for the record as they were part of interplanetary missions.

Over 150 artificial objects have been identified. Spacecraft that made it intact all the way down to the surface are highlighted in bold; most of them are now displayed in museums.

COSPAR IDnametypemissionquantity (initially)statusdate/epoch (UTC)location
1958 ETA (1958-007)X-248-A3 ALTAIRBooster (3rd stage)PIONEER 1 (ABLE II)1incinerated upon atmospheric entryearth's atmosphere
1958 ETA 1 (1958-007A)PIONEER 1Lunar orbiterPIONEER 1 (ABLE II)1missed the Moon, incinerated upon atmospheric entryOctober 13, 1958earth's atmosphere
1958 THE 1 (1958-008A)PIONEER 3Lunar fly-by probePIONEER 31missed the Moon, incinerated upon atmospheric entryDecember 7, 1958earth's atmosphere
1959 THE (1959-008C)BLOK-E (RO-5)Booster (3rd stage)LUNA 31incinerated upon atmospheric entryearth's atmosphere
1959 THE 1 (1959-008A)Ye-2A No.1Circumlunar probeLUNA 31EOM, incinerated upon atmospheric entryApril 29, 1960earth's atmosphere
1963-039BERS 12Scientific probeVELA 11EOM, incinerated upon atmospheric entryFebruary 5, 1966earth's atmosphere
1963-046X-258 ALTAIR 2Booster (3rd stage)EXPLORER 18 (IMP 1)1incinerated upon atmospheric entryearth's atmosphere
1963-046AIMP-AScientific probeEXPLORER 18 (IMP 1)1EOM, incinerated upon atmospheric entryDecember 30, 1965earth's atmosphere
1964-040CERS 13Scientific probeVELA 21EOM, incinerated upon atmospheric entryJanuary 1, 1966earth's atmosphere
1964-060X-258 ALTAIR 2Booster (3rd stage)EXPLORER 21 (IMP 2)1incinerated upon atmospheric entryearth's atmosphere
1964-060AIMP-BScientific probeEXPLORER 21 (IMP 2)1EOM, incinerated upon atmospheric entryJanuary 1, 1966earth's atmosphere
1964-082ACENTAUR-C (2 _ RL10A-3)Booster (2nd stage) + Instrumented mass modelSURVEYOR MODEL 11EOM, incinerated upon atmospheric entryDecember 12, 1964earth's atmosphere
1965-042X-258 ALTAIR 2Booster (3rd stage)EXPLORER 28 (IMP 3)1incinerated upon atmospheric entryearth's atmosphere
1965-042AIMP-CScientific probeEXPLORER 28 (IMP 3)1EOM, incinerated upon atmospheric entryJuly 4, 1968earth's atmosphere
1965-058CORS 3 (ERS 17)Scientific probeVELA 31EOM, incinerated upon atmospheric entryJuly 1, 1968earth's atmosphere
1965-081BAGENA B (8081)Booster (2nd stage)OGO 2 (ORBITING GEOPHYSICAL OBSERVATORY)1incinerated upon atmospheric entryNovember 27, 1987earth's atmosphere
1965-081AOGO 2 (OGO B)Scientific probeOGO 2 (ORBITING GEOPHYSICAL OBSERVATORY)1EOM, incinerated upon atmospheric entrySeptember 17, 1981earth's atmosphere
1966-030ACENTAUR-D (2 _ RL10A-3-1)Booster (2nd stage) + Instrumented mass modelSURVEYOR MODEL 21EOM, incinerated upon atmospheric entryMay 5, 1966earth's atmosphere
1966-049BAGENA B (8081)Booster (2nd stage)OGO 3 (ORBITING GEOPHYSICAL OBSERVATORY)1incinerated upon atmospheric entrySeptember 29, 1981earth's atmosphere
1966-049AOGO 3 (OGO C)Scientific probeOGO 3 (ORBITING GEOPHYSICAL OBSERVATORY)1EOM, incinerated upon atmospheric entrySeptember 14, 1981earth's atmosphere
1966-058BFW-4DBooster (3rd stage)EXPLORER 33 (AIMP 1)1incinerated upon atmospheric entryNovember 17, 1966earth's atmosphere
1966-095ACENTAUR-D (2 _ RL10A-3-1)Booster (2nd stage) + Instrumented mass modelSURVEYOR MODEL 31incinerated upon atmospheric entryNovember 6, 1966earth's atmosphere
1966-100BAGENA D (BELL 8096)Booster (2nd stage)LUNAR ORBITER 21incinerated upon atmospheric entryJanuary 15, 1966earth's atmosphere
1967-008BAGENA D (BELL 8096)Booster (2nd stage)LUNAR ORBITER 31incinerated upon atmospheric entryearth's atmosphere
1967-021CBLOK-D (RD-58)Booster (4th stage)COSMOS 1461incinerated upon atmospheric entryMay 23, 1967earth's atmosphere
1967-021A7K-L1 No.2P (KTDU-53)Circumlunar probeCOSMOS 1461incinerated upon atmospheric entryMarch 18, 1967earth's atmosphere
1967-032ABLOK-D (RD-58) + 7K-L1 No.3P (KTDU-53)Booster (4th stage) + circumlunar probeCOSMOS 1541incinerated upon atmospheric entryApril 10, 1967earth's atmosphere
1967-041BAGENA D (BELL 8096)Booster (2nd stage)LUNAR ORBITER 41incinerated upon atmospheric entryearth's atmosphere
1967-046CBLOK-L (S1.5400)Booster (4th stage)COSMOS 1591incinerated upon atmospheric entryJune 2, 1967earth's atmosphere
1967-046AYe-6LS No.111 (KTDU-5A) + PENNANTS?Lunar fly-by probeCOSMOS 1591incinerated upon atmospheric entryNovember 11, 1967earth's atmosphere
1967-051BFW-4DBooster (3rd stage)EXPLORER 34 (IMP 4)1earth atmospheric entry?earth's atmosphere
1967-051AIMP-FScientific probeEXPLORER 34 (IMP 4)1EOM, incinerated upon atmospheric entryMay 3, 1969earth's atmosphere
1967-070BFW-4DBooster (3rd stage)EXPLORER 35 (AIMP 2)1incinerated upon atmospheric entryAugust 31, 1967earth's atmosphere
1967-073BAGENA B (8081)Booster (2nd stage)OGO 4 (ORBITING GEOPHYSICAL OBSERVATORY)1incinerated upon atmospheric entryMay 15, 1974earth's atmosphere
1967-073AOGO 4 (OGO D)Scientific probeOGO 4 (ORBITING GEOPHYSICAL OBSERVATORY)1EOM, incinerated upon atmospheric entryAugust 16, 1972earth's atmosphere
1967-123BTETR A (TETR 1, TTS 1, ERS 30)S-band transponder satellitePIONEER 81EOM, incinerated upon atmospheric entryApril 28, 1968earth's atmosphere
1968-013CBLOK-D (RD-58)Booster (4th stage)ZOND 41incinerated upon atmospheric entryMarch 4, 1968earth's atmosphere
1968-013A7K-L1 No.6L PAO (KTDU-53)Circumlunar probe service moduleZOND 41incinerated upon atmospheric entryMarch 7, 1968earth's atmosphere
1968-013A7K-L1 No.6LCircumlunar probeZOND 41EOM, self-destruction, scatteredMarch 7, 1968gulf of guinea, atlantic ocean
1968-014BAGENA B (8081) #6503Booster (2nd stage)OGO 5 (ORBITING GEOPHYSICAL OBSERVATORY)1incinerated upon atmospheric entryJanuary 18, 2011earth's atmosphere
1968-014AOGO 5 (OGO E)Scientific probeOGO 5 (ORBITING GEOPHYSICAL OBSERVATORY)1EOM, incinerated upon atmospheric entryJuly 2, 2011earth's atmosphere
1968-076A7K-L1 No.9L PAO (KTDU-53)Circumlunar probe service moduleZOND 51incinerated upon atmospheric entrySeptember 21, 1968earth's atmosphere
1968-076A7K-L1 No.9LCircumlunar probeZOND 51EOM, earth landingSeptember 21, 1968RKK energiya museum, moscow, russia
1968-100BTETR B (TETR 2, TTS 2, ERS 31)Transponder satellitePIONEER 91EOM, incinerated upon atmospheric entrySeptember 19, 1979earth's atmosphere
1968-101A7K-L1 No.12L PAO (KTDU-53)Circumlunar probe service moduleZOND 61incinerated upon atmospheric entryNovember 17, 1968earth's atmosphere
1968-101A7K-L1 No.12LCircumlunar probeZOND 61EOM, crashed, scatteredNovember 17, 1968current location unknown
1968-109BFW-4DBooster (3rd stage)HEOS 11incinerated upon atmospheric entryOctober 28, 1975earth's atmosphere
1968-109AHEOS A1Scientific probe + S-16 Barium CanisterHEOS 11EOM, incinerated upon atmospheric entryDecember 27, 1968earth's atmosphere
1968-118ASM-103Lunar orbital service moduleAPOLLO 81EOM, incinerated upon atmospheric entryDecember 27, 1968earth's atmosphere
1968-118ACM-103Lunar orbital command moduleAPOLLO 81EOM, earth landingDecember 27, 1968chicago museum of science and industry, usa
1969-018BSLA PANELSCSM/LM Adapter panelsAPOLLO 94earth atmospheric entry?March 3, 1969earth's atmosphere
1969-018CLM-3 DPS SPIDERLunar Module Descent StageAPOLLO 91EOM, incinerated upon atmospheric entryMarch 22, 1969earth's atmosphere
1969-018CLM-3 APS SPIDERLunar Module Ascent Stage + CM docking ringAPOLLO 91EOM, incinerated upon atmospheric entryOctober 23, 1981earth's atmosphere
1969-018ASM-104Lunar orbital service moduleAPOLLO 91EOM, incinerated upon atmospheric entryMarch 13, 1969earth's atmosphere
1969-018ACM-104 GUMDROPLunar orbital command moduleAPOLLO 91EOM, earth landingMarch 13, 1969san diego air & space museum, usa
1969-043ASM-106Lunar orbital service moduleAPOLLO 101EOM, incinerated upon atmospheric entryMay 26, 1969earth's atmosphere
1969-043ACM-106 CHARLIE BROWNLunar orbital command moduleAPOLLO 101EOM, earth landingMay 26, 1969london science museum, uk
1969-051BAGENA B (8081)Booster (2nd stage)OGO 6 (ORBITING GEOPHYSICAL OBSERVATORY)1incinerated upon atmospheric entryJune 12, 1980earth's atmosphere
1969-051AOGO 6 (OGO F)Scientific probeOGO 6 (ORBITING GEOPHYSICAL OBSERVATORY)1EOM, incinerated upon atmospheric entryOctober 12, 1979earth's atmosphere
1969-053BFW-4DBooster (3rd stage)EXPLORER 41 (IMP 5)1incinerated upon atmospheric entryDecember 10, 1976earth's atmosphere
1969-053AIMP-GScientific probeEXPLORER 41 (IMP 5)1EOM, incinerated upon atmospheric entryDecember 23, 1972earth's atmosphere
1969-059ASM-107Lunar orbital service moduleAPOLLO 111EOM, incinerated upon atmospheric entryJuly 24, 1969earth's atmosphere
1969-059ACM-107 COLUMBIALunar orbital command moduleAPOLLO 111EOM, earth landingJuly 24, 1969national air and space Museum, washington dc, usa
1969-067A7K-L1 No.11 PAO (KTDU-53)Circumlunar probe service moduleZOND 71incinerated upon atmospheric entryAugust 14, 1969earth's atmosphere
1969-067A7K-L1 No.11Circumlunar probeZOND 71EOM, earth landingAugust 14, 1969dmitrov facility of bauman university, orevo, russia
1969-099ASM-108Lunar orbital service moduleAPOLLO 121EOM, incinerated upon atmospheric entryNovember 24, 1969earth's atmosphere - current location virginia air & space center, hampton, usa
1969-099ACM-108 YANKEE CLIPPERLunar orbital command moduleAPOLLO 121EOM, earth landingNovember 24, 1969virginia air & space center, hampton, usa
1970-029ALM-7 DPS + APS AQUARIUS + ALSEP 2 (ALSEP B)Lunar Module Ascent Stage + CM docking ring + Descent StageAPOLLO 131EOM, incinerated upon atmospheric entryApril 17, 1970earth's atmosphere
1970-029ASM-109Lunar orbital service moduleAPOLLO 131EOM, incinerated upon atmospheric entryApril 17, 1970earth's atmosphere
1970-029ACM-109 ODYSSEYLunar orbital command moduleAPOLLO 131EOM, earth landingApril 17, 1970cosmosphere, hutchinson, usa
1970-072DYe-8-5 No.406 VS (KRD-61)Lunar sample return ascent stageLUNA 161EOM, incinerated upon atmospheric entrySeptember 24, 1970earth's atmosphere
1970-072EYe-8-5 No.406 VALunar sample return capsuleLUNA 161EOM, earth landingSeptember 24, 1970current location unknown
1970-088A7K-L1 No.14 PAO (KTDU-53)Circumlunar probe service moduleZOND 81incinerated upon atmospheric entryOctober 27, 1970earth's atmosphere
1970-088A7K-L1 No.14Circumlunar probeZOND 81EOM, earth landingOctober 27, 1970current location unknown
1970-099BBLOK-I (RD-0110)Booster (2nd stage)COSMOS 3791incinerated upon atmospheric entryNovember 26, 1970earth's atmosphere
1970-099CBLOK-D (RD-58)Booster (3rd stage)COSMOS 3791incinerated upon atmospheric entryFebruary 13, 1971earth's atmosphere
1970-099DLK T2K No.1 LANDING PLATFORM?Lunar excursion module landing structureCOSMOS 3791incinerated upon atmospheric entryJanuary 2, 1971earth's atmosphere
1970-099ALK T2K No.1 BLOK-E (RD-858 + RD-859)Lunar excursion moduleCOSMOS 3791EOM, incinerated upon atmospheric entrySeptember 21, 1983earth's atmosphere
1970-103E8S811 (3 _ RD-0210 + 1 _ RD-0211)Booster (2nd stage)COSMOS 3821incinerated upon atmospheric entryJanuary 3, 1977earth's atmosphere
1970-103D8S812 (RD-0212)Booster (3rd stage)COSMOS 3821incinerated upon atmospheric entryNovember 7, 1990earth's atmosphere
1971-008ASM-110Lunar orbital service moduleAPOLLO 141EOM, incinerated upon atmospheric entryFebruary 9, 1971earth's atmosphere
1971-008ACM-110 KITTY HAWKLunar orbital command moduleAPOLLO 141EOM, earth landingFebruary 9, 1971kennedy space center, merritt island, usa
1971-016BBLOK-I (RD-0110)Booster (2nd stage)COSMOS 3981incinerated upon atmospheric entryMarch 1, 1971earth's atmosphere
1971-016CBLOK-D (RD-58)Booster (3rd stage)COSMOS 3981incinerated upon atmospheric entryMay 12, 1971earth's atmosphere
1971-016DLK T2K No.2 LANDING PLATFORM?Lunar excursion module landing structureCOSMOS 3981incinerated upon atmospheric entryMarch 28, 1971earth's atmosphere
1971-016EDEBRISDebris?COSMOS 3981incinerated upon atmospheric entryMarch 23, 1971earth's atmosphere
1971-016ALK T2K No.2 BLOK-E (RD-858 + RD-859)Lunar excursion moduleCOSMOS 3981EOM, incinerated upon atmospheric entryDecember 10, 1995earth's atmosphere
1971-019CSTAR 37DBooster (3rd stage)EXPLORER 43 (IMP 6)1incinerated upon atmospheric entryOctober 1, 1974earth's atmosphere
1971-019DSTAR-17AInsertion motorEXPLORER 43 (IMP 6)1incinerated upon atmospheric entryApril 19, 1971earth's atmosphere
1971-019AIMP-IScientific probeEXPLORER 43 (IMP 6)1EOM, incinerated upon atmospheric entryOctober 2, 1974earth's atmosphere
1971-063ASM-112Lunar orbital service moduleAPOLLO 151EOM, incinerated upon atmospheric entryAugust 7, 1971earth's atmosphere
1971-063ACM-112 ENDEAVOURLunar orbital command moduleAPOLLO 151EOM, earth landingAugust 7, 1971national museum of the USAF, dayton, usa
1971-069BBLOK-I (RD-0110)Booster (2nd stage)COSMOS 4341incinerated upon atmospheric entryAugust 18, 1971earth's atmosphere
1971-069DLK T2K No.3 LANDING PLATFORM?Lunar excursion module landing structureCOSMOS 4341incinerated upon atmospheric entrySeptember 19, 1971earth's atmosphere
1971-069EDEBRISDebris?COSMOS 4341incinerated upon atmospheric entryOctober 28, 1971earth's atmosphere
1971-069ALK T2K No.3 BLOK-E (RD-858 + RD-859)Lunar excursion moduleCOSMOS 4341EOM, incinerated upon atmospheric entryAugust 23, 1981earth's atmosphere
1972-005BDELTA-L (AJ-10-118E)Booster (2nd stage)HEOS 21incinerated upon atmospheric entrySeptember 15, 1974earth's atmosphere
1972-005CFW-4DBooster (3rd stage)HEOS 21incinerated upon atmospheric entrySeptember 27, 1978earth's atmosphere
1972-005AHEOS A2Scientific probeHEOS 21EOM, incinerated upon atmospheric entrySeptember 3, 1974earth's atmosphere
1972-007DYe-8-5 No.408 VS (KRD-61)Lunar sample return ascent stageLUNA 201EOM, incinerated upon atmospheric entryFebruary 25, 1972earth's atmosphere
1972-007EYe-8-5 No.408 VALunar sample return capsuleLUNA 201EOM, earth landingFebruary 25, 1972current location unknown
1972-031ASM-113Lunar orbital service moduleAPOLLO 161EOM, incinerated upon atmospheric entryApril 27, 1972earth's atmosphere
1972-031ACM-113 CASPERLunar orbital command moduleAPOLLO 161EOM, earth landingApril 27, 1972US space & rocket center, huntsville, usa
1972-073DSTAR-37EBooster (3rd stage)EXPLORER 47 (IMP 7)1incinerated upon atmospheric entryFebruary 20, 1976earth's atmosphere
1972-073CSTAR-17AInsertion motorEXPLORER 47 (IMP 7)1incinerated upon atmospheric entryFebruary 20, 1976earth's atmosphere
1972-096ASM-114Lunar orbital service moduleAPOLLO 171EOM, incinerated upon atmospheric entryDecember 19, 1972earth's atmosphere
1972-096ACM-114 AMERICALunar orbital command moduleAPOLLO 171EOM, earth landingDecember 19, 1972space center houston, usa
1973-039CDSV-3P-4/TR-201Booster (2nd stage)EXPLORER 49 (RAE-B)1incinerated upon atmospheric entryJanuary 29, 1974earth's atmosphere
1973-039BSTAR-37DBooster (3rd stage)EXPLORER 49 (RAE-B)1incinerated upon atmospheric entryJuly 1, 1978earth's atmosphere
1973-078CSTAR 37EBooster (3rd stage)EXPLORER 50 (IMP 8)1incinerated upon atmospheric entryNovember 29, 1996earth's atmosphere
1976-081DYe-8-5M No.413 VS (KRD-61)Lunar sample return ascent stageLUNA 241EOM, incinerated upon atmospheric entryAugust 22, 1976earth's atmosphere
1976-081EYe-8-5M No.413 VALunar sample return capsuleLUNA 241EOM, earth landingAugust 22, 1976current location unknown
1977-076DTITAN IIIE (LR-91-AJ11)Booster (2nd stage)VOYAGER 21incinerated upon atmospheric entryearth's atmosphere
1977-084DTITAN IIIE (LR-91-AJ11)Booster (2nd stage)VOYAGER 11incinerated upon atmospheric entryearth's atmosphere
1977-102AISEE-A, IMP-KSolar probeISEE 1/ISEE 2 (EXPLORER 56)1EOM, incinerated upon atmospheric entrySeptember 26, 1987earth's atmosphere
1977-102BISEE-B, IMP-K PRIMESolar probeISEE 1/ISEE 2 (EXPLORER 56)1EOM, incinerated upon atmospheric entrySeptember 26, 1987earth's atmosphere
1983-051AEXOSATScientific probeEXOSAT1EOM, incinerated upon atmospheric entryMay 6, 1986earth's atmosphere
1989-096BBLOK-D (RD-58M)Booster (4th stage)GRANAT (ASTRON 2)1incinerated upon atmospheric entryJuly 25, 1999earth's atmosphere
1989-096A1AS No.1 BUSScientific probeGRANAT (ASTRON 2)1EOM, incinerated upon atmospheric entryMay 25, 1999earth's atmosphere
1990-007CM-3BBooster (3rd stage)HITEN (MUSES A)1incinerated upon atmospheric entryJanuary 26, 1990earth's atmosphere
1992-044BDELTA-K (AJ-10-118K-ITIP) + DUVE (DIFFUSE ULTRAVIOLET EXPERIMENT)Booster (2nd stage) + scientific instrumentGEOTAIL ISTP (INTERNATIONAL SOLAR TERRESTRIAL PHYSICS)1incinerated upon atmospheric entryMarch 16, 1993earth's atmosphere
1994-004BTITAN II(23)G (LR-91-AJ5)Booster (2nd stage)CLEMENTINE 11incinerated upon atmospheric entryFebruary 13, 1994earth's atmosphere
1994-004CSTAR-37FM AKM + ISA (INSTRUMENTED INTER STAGE ADAPTER)Booster (3rd stage) + experiments probeCLEMENTINE 11incinerated upon atmospheric entryJune 8, 1994earth's atmosphere
1998-001BSTAR-37FM TLIS (TRANSLUNAR INJECTION STAGE)Booster (4th stage)LUNAR PROSPECTOR (DISCOVERY 3)1incinerated upon atmospheric entryJanuary 7, 1998earth's atmosphere
1999-003DSTARDUST SRC (SAMPLE RETURN CAPSULE)Comet particles and cosmic dust return capsuleSTARDUST (DISCOVERY 4)/NEXT (NEW EXPLORATION OF TEMPEL 1)1EOM, earth landingJanuary 15, 2006national air and space Museum, washington dc, usa
2001-034DGENESIS SRC (SAMPLE RETURN CAPSULE)Solar wind particles return capsuleGENESIS (DISCOVERY 5)1EOM, crashed, scatteredSeptember 8, 2004current location unknown
2003-019AHAYABUSAAsteroid probeHAYABUSA (MUSES C)1EOM, incinerated upon atmospheric entryJune 13, 2010earth's atmosphere
2003-019DHAYABUSA SRC (SAMPLE RETURN CAPSULE)Asteroid dust particles return capsuleHAYABUSA (MUSES C)1EOM, earth landingJune 13, 2010current location unknown
2011-065BZENIT-2SB41 (RD-120 + RD-8)Booster (2nd stage)FOBOS-GRUNT (PHOBOS-GRUNT)1incinerated upon atmospheric entryJanuary 15, 2012earth's atmosphere
2011-065AFREGAT-SB + TRUSS + EXTERNAL TANKMars cruise stageFOBOS-GRUNT (PHOBOS-GRUNT)1incinerated upon atmospheric entryJanuary 15, 2012earth's atmosphere
2011-065FFOBOS-GRUNTMars landerFOBOS-GRUNT (PHOBOS-GRUNT)1incinerated upon atmospheric entryJanuary 15, 2012earth's atmosphere
2011-065FFOBOS-GRUNT RETURN VEHICLEMars lander ascent stageFOBOS-GRUNT (PHOBOS-GRUNT)1incinerated upon atmospheric entryJanuary 15, 2012earth's atmosphere
2011-065FFOBOS-GRUNT DESCENT CAPSULE + LIFE BIO MODULE (LIVING INTERPLANETARY FLIGHT EXPERIMENT)Mars sample return capsuleFOBOS-GRUNT (PHOBOS-GRUNT)1incinerated upon atmospheric entryJanuary 15, 2012earth's atmosphere
2011-065GYINGHUO-1 (YH-1)Mars orbiterFOBOS-GRUNT (PHOBOS-GRUNT)1incinerated upon atmospheric entryJanuary 15, 2012earth's atmosphere
2014-065ADFH-3A RRTV (REENTRY RETURN TEST VEHICLE)Lunar fly-by probeCHANG'E 5-T11EOM, earth landingOctober 31, 2014current location unknown
2014-076FHAYABUSA2 SRC (SAMPLE RETURN CAPSULE)Asteroid dust particules return capsuleHAYABUSA21EOM, earth landingDecember 5, 2020current location unknown
2020-087EFANHUI QILunar sample return capsuleCHANG'E 51EOM, earth landingDecember 16, 2020current location unknown
2022-156AEUROPEAN SERVICE MODULE (ESM-1)Lunar orbital service moduleARTEMIS I1EOM, incinerated upon atmospheric entryDecember 11, 2022earth's atmosphere
2022-156AORION CREW MODULE (CM)Lunar orbital command moduleARTEMIS I1EOM, earth landingDecember 11, 2022?