Man made objects on asteroid 101955 Bennu

Non-exhaustive list of artificial objects that have reached the surface of 101955 Bennu, which is an Apollo-class asteroid orbiting the sun between Venus and Mars. This near-Earth object measures approximately 500 m in diameter and is potentially hazardous.

The NASA Osiris-Rex space probe has retrieved surface samples on October 20th, 2020 to bring them back to Earth in September 2023. It is probable that among the 24 contact pads at the bottom of the TAGSAM collector head some, or parts of, have been lost on the surface of Bennu during the sample collection procedure.

COSPAR IDnametypemissionquantity on surfacestatusdate/epoch (UTC)
2016-055ATAGSAM INSTRUMENT CONTACT PADSStainless steel velcro loopsOSIRIS-REX (NEW FRONTIERS 3)?left on the surface upon contact?October 20, 2020