Image Gallery

In situ pictures of landers and equipment. They will probably be found at the same places by future explorers, however weathered by extreme environmental conditions such as micrometeorite impacts, solar radiation, dust, wide temperature ranges and, for those on Venus, high pressure, heat and corrosion.

Viking 2 – Collector Head Protective Shroud
Apollo 16 – Descent Stage
Apollo 17 – Descent Stage
Apollo 12 Descent Stage and S-Band Antenna & Surveyor III Probe in the foreground
Chang’e 4 – Lunar Landing Vehicule
Rosetta – Close-up of Philae
Luna 21 – Ye-8 Lunar Lander
Apollo 14 – Both PLSS and Old Glory in the foreground and ALSEP instruments in the upper left hand corner
Apollo 11 – Jettison Bag and Contingency Sample Collection Bag Ring in the foreground
Opportunity – Challenger Memorial Station
Apollo 17 – S-IVB Third Stage. It has since impacted the moon but Apollo 12’s S-IVB is still in solar orbit
Opportunity – Heat Shield, springs and other items
Apollo 15 – LRRR Pallet and LM Quad III Insulation Blanket
Apollo 15 – Lunar Rover and Fallen Astronauts Plaque in the background
Apollo 14 – Modular Equipment Transporter, Close-up Camera and SRC York Mesh Packing Material
Venera 13 – View-Port Covers
Apollo 17 – Empty Sample Bag Dispenser Assembly
Perseverance – Adaptive Cache Assembly Cover
Perseverance – Ingenuity helicopter drone