Man made objects orbiting Venus

Non-exhaustive list of artificial objects that are currently orbiting the planet Venus. It is not precisely known whether some of them have already decayed or not.

5 artificial objects have been identified. Spacecraft that are still in their systemic context, i.e. still operational, are highlighted in bold.

COSPAR IDnametypemissionquantitystatusdate/epoch (UTC)
1975-050A4V-1 No.660 (KTDU-425A)Venus orbiterVENERA 91EOM, inactiveMarch 26, 1976
1975-054A4V-1 No.661 (KTDU-425A)Venus orbiterVENERA 101EOM, inactive, Venus atmospheric entry?March 26, 1976
1983-053A4V-2 No.860 (KTDU-425A)Venus orbiterVENERA 151EOM, inactiveJuly 10, 1984
1983-054A4V-2 No.861 (KTDU-425A)Venus orbiterVENERA 161EOM, inactiveJuly 10, 1984
2010-020DAKATSUKI VENUS CLIMATE ORBITER (VCO, PLANET C)Venus orbiterAKATSUKI1activeDecember 7, 2015