Man made objects on asteroid 25143 Itokawa

Non-exhaustive list of artificial objects that have reached the surface of 25143 Itokawa, which is an Apollo-class asteroid orbiting the sun between Venus and Mars. This potato-shaped near-Earth object measures approximately 330 meters in diameter and is potentially hazardous.

Itokawa was visited by the JAXA sample-return mission Hayabusa in November 2005.

Over 3 artificial objects have been identified.

COSPAR IDnametypemissionquantity on surfacestatusdate/epoch (UTC)
2003-019AHAYABUSA MARKER 2Target markerHAYABUSA (MUSES C)1?deployed on the surface?November 19, 2005
2003-019AHAYABUSA MARKER 3Target markerHAYABUSA (MUSES C)1?deployed on the surface?November 25, 2005
2003-019ASAMPLING PROJECTILESPelletsHAYABUSA (MUSES C)scattered?fired, impact?November 25, 2005