Man made objects orbiting Lagrange points

Non-exhaustive list of artificial objects that were sent to Lagrange points. Spacecraft orbiting these regions are in heliocentric orbit but are trapped in a Hill sphere: while their trajectory describes a circle around the Sun, they stay close to a celestial body as if they were in a high orbit, hence the need for a specific table.

Currently, there are solar observation probes orbiting the Sun-Earth system L1 Lagrange point (the closest to the Sun) and space telescopes at the L2 point (the furthest). Additionally, the Queqiao communications relay satellite is orbiting the Earth-Moon L2 point to support the Chang’e missions on the far side of our satellite.

11 artificial objects have been identified. Spacecraft that are still in their systemic context, i.e. still operational, are highlighted in bold.

COSPAR IDnametypemissionquantitystatusdate/epoch (UTC)
1994-071AWIND ISTP (INTERNATIONAL SOLAR TERRESTRIAL PHYSICS)Solar probeWIND1active, Sun-Earth L1 Lagrange PointMay 15, 2004
1995-065ASOHO ISTP (INTERNATIONAL SOLAR TERRESTRIAL PHYSICS)Solar probeSOHO1active, Sun-Earth L1 Lagrange PointMay 15, 1996
1997-045AACE (ADVANCED COMPOSITION EXPLORER)Solar probeACE (EXPLORER 71)1active, Sun-Earth L1 Lagrange PointDecember 12, 1997
2013-074AGAIA SPACE OBSERVATORYSpace telescopeGAIA1active, Sun-Earth L2 Lagrange PointJanuary 8, 2014
2014-065ADFH-3A BUS TEST VEHICULELunar orbital service moduleCHANG'E 5-T11EOM, defunct, Sun-Earth L2 Lagrange PointJanuary 23, 2015
2015-007ADSCOVR (TRIANA, GORESAT)Solar probeDEEP SPACE CLIMATE OBSERVATORY (DSCOVR)1active, Sun-Earth L1 Lagrange PointJune 8, 2015
2015-070ALISA PATHFINDERTechnology demonstratorLISA (SMART-2)1EOM, defunct, Sun-Earth L1 Lagrange PointJune 30, 2017
2018-045AQUEQIAOLunar orbiterQUEQIAO (CHANG'E 4 RELAY)1active, Earth-Moon L2 Lagrange PointJune 14, 2018
2019-040AeROSITA + ART-XC TELESCOPESScientific probeSPEKTRUM-RONTGEN-GAMMA (SPEKTR-RG)1active, Sun-Earth L2 Lagrange PointJuly 13, 2019
2021-130AJAMES WEBB SPACE TELESCOPE (JWST)Space telescopeJAMES WEBB SPACE TELESCOPE (JWST)1active, Sun-Earth L2 Lagrange PointJanuary 24, 2022
2022-156EEQUULEUS (EQUILIBRIUM LUNAR-EARTH 6U SPACECRAFT)Cislunar orbiter (6U CubeSat)ARTEMIS I1active, Earth-Moon L2November 16, 2022